• hello,
    the only thing that’s stopping me from installing FOG server is the selection of DHCP server, i’m confused. my question is that can i use the FOG server as DHCP server, in that case what additional steps will be required OR DHCP must on other machine running windows server 2003\2008 etc.
    thank you

  • I personally use a server that is composed of fog solution, proxy server and dhcp server porsonaliser for computer equipment at the same time

  • thank you kevin… want to experiment with it in a lab, isolated network. just for learning purpose.

  • Using FOG’s DHCP server is useful for when FOG is on an isolated network and you want to image PC’s. I would not recommend it at all for a live production network. You can use an existing DHCP server, either your router (if on a home network), Windows Server 2003/8/12, or a Linux server.

    With Windows, you need to specify options 66 and 67 in your scope. I’m going from memory, but 66 is the IP of your FOG server, and 67 needs to be pxelinux.0

    For Linux you just need to specify FOG in your DHCPD.conf file with [B]next-server x.x.x.x.[/B]