• We use a novell server in our school, getting a new server soon, but when we clone it doesnt map to the students network drive, is there a reason fog doesnt copy network drives and a way to adjust this?

  • I got it to work, was an error in our autolog program, thanks for all of the help

  • yeah, run it on the machine that’s not mapping the drives.

  • run that on the client machine?

  • what if you try
    [B]zwsreg -unreg[/B]
    then log out and back in

    does that fix it for you? That should re-register your computer object to your Novell server.

  • I can get to the drives just fine if i go through the novell connections and all the way through into the user, so there is a connection there, but it is not mapping, i can not figure out why this is, read a forum that said novell has problems when the computer name gets changed, which it did with fog, and they suggested checking a spot in the registry, but the name was right in there, i am lost on where to go to next.

  • How are you mapping your drives? Are you mapping them then pushing the image up? Or are you letting Novell map them? If Novell is suppose to do it, nothing FOG does would stop that. If you map then push the image up, it’s possible sysprep takes them out maybe? I’m not sure.