• Just a general question for anyone on this forum, has anyone out their had any luck marketing themselves on the job market or in the industry in general by saying that you have a background in FOG. I have used Fog for about a half year now and have become very efficient, I am thinking about trying to add new schools/businesses to my business and was wondering if anyone else has done this? any information is appreciated.

  • There’s a good chance that most potential employers wont have heard of fog, however the skills associated with fog/deployment are likely to be very beneficial.
    Explaining that you can switch to an open source deployment solution from an existing (potentially expensive) deployment solution and at the same time probably increase the speed at which machines can be deployed.
    If you’re primarily a Windows technician, having some basic Linux skills can help career prospects too.
    In both my previous and current role, I’ve switched the organisation away from slow, expensive commercial solutions to Fog and everyone has been pleased with the results.