• Hi,
    Not an issue really but something I’m hoping to improve on. I have FOG running in a VBOX on my laptop and I aim to “directly” rebuild systems using FOG in the VM directly attached through a CAT 6 cable. Have tested this with a very old laptop a fairly old laptop and also a new one and its really good! especially with the no host reg tweak so can just fire off from a menu of options!!! I have the notion this wont work everywhere so have also learnt how to deploy the fog images through partition image and parted magic if I need to. Been a great little project and cant wait to let it race in the wild!!! However …

    When I am not connected to any network moving around in the fog GUI TAKES FOORREVERRRRR, I assume its to do with DHCP or something looking for something (technical I know!) but I was hoping there might be a way to stop it lagging everytime I go offline!? Thanks for any tips guys…