Unable to find master storage node

  • So this has been working fine then we had a bnew employee come on board and try out the system Shortly after he moved on from our business. Now when I went to use the fog system I have a problem that the default storage node no longer works. If I select the default storage node and try to upload or download an image I have to chaneg the master storage node to the image I want to upload. Also had issues with the fog password being changed int he fog settings, and tftp errors which all have been resolved. So now when I try tp ush an image up the the server the image completes but does not transfer the image folde to the images folder, it stays in the dev folder. The error I am getting *Ftp connection to storage server has failed and again I have to set the master node to the image I want to upload to every time with every different image. It was not doing this before and the employee is no longer with us.