• I’m new to Fog and Ubuntu, and have been playing around with it for a few days, when it works it looks good, but I’ve had teething problems (along list of issues).

    I have to image pcs at two sites, with different IP ranges and domains, and fog can not be put on equipment servers at the sites

    What I’d like to do
    Have a Fog running on a laptop with USB drive, just plug in make a simple change of IP address on the laptop boot the PXE clients and image away… DHCP would be handled by the sites server

    How easy is this with Fog. from what I’ve seen changing the IP address isn’t just a quick change in one location. and storing in the images on a USB drive is that easy, (it was a bit of a mystery where the first image I took ended up)

    Would and option be to duel boot my laptop with two Ubuntu installs one configured for each site?

    Thanks in advance

  • FOG does not like an IP change as you noted. What about running FOG in a VM? Virtualbox works well, and is free. Personally I use VMware Workstation since it integrates into my ESXi Servers, but a VM would be a much easier solution rather than trying to get a dual booting working well.