• I was getting ready to download FOG and try it for the first time when I noticed the last release was in 2011
    Has development ceased?

  • Short answer: No

    Long answer: It has not ceased development, but FOG does not update like regular programs. .33 is a complete rewrite of the code so it’s taking some time. The beta is out that you can download to test out the latest code. What we hope for is users to test the .33 beta and report bugs they come across in the forums. Once bugs are reported, the developers can review the bug posted and will be worked in the official release. Unfortunately, there is no official timeline for the release, but by all means, try the beta and post any bugs you may find.

    You will also find that members on this forum are very helpful on a wide variety of issues that you may come across. We also have a wiki setup that covers a lot of ground from basic setup, how-to guides, and a wide variety of information relating to FOG.

  • If you poke around the forums, you’ll find threads that describe the development as not “ceased”, but at a “slow pace”.

    But even if development is at a “slow pace”, you’re sure to find FOG worth learning and setting up if you’re pushing out more than a few new computers a week.

    For example, once you have FOG setup, this guide will walk you through a great way of creating a standard image that be deployed against a wide range of hardware:

    FOG has some management tools that are cool: I like to have the user’s name as part of the computer name. Thus, when a computer changes hands, a rename is needed. Instead of doing this from the computer, I get into FOG and rename it.