• My system admin’s at the school I clone at are worried that if we clone over the network it could bring the whole system down, simply because of the mass amount of data that is being transferred. If anyone could give me an idea on the likely-hood of this happening or share any experiences you have had running over networks please let me know, thanks!!

  • Is your fog server on the same network as your workstations to be imaged? I got confused when you responded with the bandwidth of your Internet service. He was asking for your network. The internal network and the devices that run it. Like a router, switch or hub(has nothing to do with the internet service).

    Ask your system admin if you have a 10MB network, a 100MB network, a 1GB network or a 10GB network.
    That should give us the info to help answer your question.

  • Voltage spikes and dips will really cause problems, do you have a UPS on them? That should help cleanup the power a bit. We don’t really notice performance issues when we image computers though. We have a 10Gbe running from our data center to the building i’m in, and run gig fiber to our switches from the core of my building. We then run gig to all of our computers as well. So long story short, we run gig from our PC’s to the core, then 10 gig to our DC. Where we do notice a performance hit is when we are trying to image a machine through a VPN. That will cause the network for us to slow to basically dial up speeds. However, most of our sites that run through VPN only have a 10 meg down connection, which would really choke the speeds. Generally though, even at the busiest times during the day, imaging a computer for us has very very minimal impacts, both to the network and the PC imaging speed itself.

  • we download about 40mbps and upload 20, we are linux based, have had problems with the network going down in the past, but we have recently discovered that we have “dirty power” and fluctuations in current are usually not good for switches and servers, in my opinion

  • Can you elaborate a bit about your network? connection speeds to machines, backbone, VPN’s between sites etc? At the worst, it might bog down the network, but by no means should it take it down.