Restoring Images from storage node

  • We recently updated the Fog server storage node, from a 80GB to a 2TB.

    Install was exactly the same and all the passwords are the same ext…
    Now the interesting thing is I copied the old images from the old HD to the new server via ftp. (using ubuntu 12.04 on my duel boot laptop and a startech USB HD SATA dock)

    Every time trying to deploy an image it would run up to the ‘waiting for disk to settle’ just fine, then all of a sudden to the please wait… then finishing the deployment, without actually downloading the image.

    I tried uploading an image, which worked fine, then tried downloading the ‘fresh’ image, which works fine. I checked and matched file permissions/owner/group with the original files.

    Since we happen to have several more 745s around I am trying another method (by plugging in the old install into another computer (removing static ip) then uploading images to the new computer directly. (getting rid of the startech deal) I am hoping this works but if not, is there anything else that was missed for why it wouldn’t transfer?

  • Allright, copying from one computer to another didn’t work, however I tried another approach… we have a disk duplicator from startech, so I plugged in the 80GB into the source and 2TB into destination and let it copy. It made an identical copy successfully, however the partition sizes where the same. So I used GParted to grow the sda1 to ~2TB. (with 3GB for swap) everything booted and is working fine.

    I have now jumped from 98% usage down to 8% usage 🙂

    Now the only issue this brings up is how to backup fog images if copying them somewhere and reviving them doesn’t work…