• Keep hitting this problem guys…

    I made a image of windows 7 32 bit starter in a virtualbox using a dynamically expanding VHD disk.
    After reading around the forum I gather its best to chkdsk and defrag reference system before imaging and uploading to fog. I have done that. I also see people seem to prefer multipartition disk non resizable image option.
    I am now using that as had problems with Single Partition Disk resizable.

    However on the test laptop I still image away to then finally just see “non system disk” error and no boot. I retried the process after formatting the test laptop same problem.
    However if I reload the image back onto the Virtual System it works ok???
    I also made a “symantec ghost” copy too and that works OK.
    Whats going wrong? Thanks guys

    ok so just re did it as single partition disk resizeable and worked fine hmmm then I do that with Vista and it doesnt work but it does with multi partion - am i missing something cheers guys!!!