Deploying Storage Craft's Shadow Protect from PXE

  • I work in the depot for a small company. We typically boot storage craft over PXE using WDS to back up PCs when we receive them. I building a case to deploying FOG in our depot. I have a virtually linux environment running FOG .32. I have loaded a few bootable ISOs to boot over PXE using FOG for trouble shooting and they work great. However, it seems like the Storage Craft .iso is too large to boot using FOG. Can someone tell me a way to Boot this program using FOG, a way to trim the .iso down or a way to have WDS and FOG running side by side? I would really be greatful.

    Also, can someone tell me, when booting .iso over the network does the .iso load in the memory of the server or is it the memory of the machine I am booting FOG on?

  • To answer your question… “yes” but also possibly “no”

    It all really depends on what you are attempting to use fog for in conjunction with WDS and how your network is segmented.

    Long story short, in plain terms you can have only one DHCP server that controls or “points” to PXE that must be either FOG or WDS, not both.

    You could use WDS for imaging and the fog client for software management, inventory, etc.

    Or the reverse could be true and have WDS (if there is a client for it) do the management and image with fog.

    Hope this answers your questions for you.

  • Thanks for the reply, again I really do appreciate any help.

    Understood, thats what I was thinking as well. Do you know if you can deploy FOG along side of WDS somehow?

  • 9 times out of 10 the limitation is on the client side if you load it via PXE into memory.

    If your .iso exceeds the size of the client pc you run into issues with it not booting properly.

    Hope this helps.