When attempting to push image to server, receiving an error message

  • The pulling of the image works fine.

    When I go to PXE boot to the client, It attempts to PXE and then I get an error of ‘No Operating System currently install on this computer.’

    These machines are Dell 510. Do machines need at least a base OS on it for this to work? The servers have Windows 2008 R2 installed, but I haven’t taken it through the initial set up. Do I need to do that in order for the image to work?

    UPDATE: I got it to attempt to image, but now it tells me that the partition table is invalid. I am doing a single partition, non-re-sizable.


  • Nice, looks like it’s pushing the image back. I got a little worried there for a minute. Right before it started, it said something about an invalid command, but it went away quick and started to work.

  • I got it to go passed that error now. I am not sure what caused it. I am now working on this invalid partition table message. I’ve searched the forum and I am trying some of the things people have done to fix it now.

  • My experience is that you should be able to deploy a Fog image on a blank drive. Based on what you wrote, it makes me wonder if the machine is PXE booting. At what point do you see the above?