Deploying an Image hangs at "Checking Queue"

  • I work for a small company which has been using FOG for its imaging purposes for a few years now. Recently we had to transfer our FOG installation to a VMWare ESXi host. The server is currently operating on a virtual machine running Ubuntu 11.10. We are using FOG 0.32 with the 3.6.9 Core kernel.

    After installing and configuring FOG I was able to successfully upload an image to the server. I am now testing this image by attempting to deploy it to another machine. Currently I am working with a Dell Latitude E5500. When I attempt to push the image to this client FOG appears to load correctly. This is what appears:
    [CODE]* Checking Operating System…Windows 7

    • Checking CPU Cores…2
    • Send method…NFS

    *Checking Queue…Done
    * (0 sec)
    * (5 sec)
    * (10 sec)[/CODE]
    The count then increases every five seconds and will run for an indeterminate amount of time. [S]Currently the longest it has continued to do this without interruption from troubleshooting is twenty minutes.[/S] As of this edit, the count has continued for over four hours.

    Nothing unusual has appeared within our logs when checking them from the web UI’s Log Viewer.

    During my research, I found [URL=‘’]this thread[/URL] which closely resembles the problem I am having. Unfortunately the problem was never fully resolved.

    Following the steps on that thread, I visited the [url]http://[server]/fog/service/Pre_Stage1.php?mac=[mac][/url] page for the client in question, and the following information is displayed:
    I looked through the .php file to try and find where this information was obtained, however I could not find the portion that generated this output.

    Any assistance with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

  • Coloumb - I had the same issue as you but I was able to get it to work. I had only 1 task in taskstate which was the one I was trying to deploy. I set the taskstate to 2 in the database which it removed it from my dashboard so I remade the task for the same computer and rebooted it and the deploy kicked off.

  • After further research I found [URL=‘’]another thread with a similar problem[/URL], which was marked as [SOLVED]. This user discovered that past imaging tasks were not being cleared from the [I]tasks[/I] table. However, after checking my installation’s [I]tasks[/I] table contents only one entry was found (the most recent deployment attempt, which was still hung up at “Checking Queue”). As a test, I killed the task from within the web UI then reloaded the [I]tasks[/I] table. It appears that my problem is not old tasks remaining within this table, as it they are removed after a task is cancelled.

    Additional information about the image:
    The OS I am attempting to push onto the client is Windows 7 Pro x64. I used the same method for preparing this image as I did for our previous FOG server, which was also running Ubuntu 11.10 and FOG 0.32 on an aging box. After formatting the OS as desired I ran the fogprep utility as well as Windows sysprep.