Cant read the folloing volume file:

  • Ok, i was able to upload an image, well it least it said task finished when it was done…the only thing that was weird is that after the image was created it started a loop of saying ftp disconnect server or something of that manner.

    anyways im not sure if it is a related problem but now i am getting a volume not found error to deploy the image that i created…i already updated the php file with the $&tmp file to the &tmp. i was wondering if there was another php file i need to ammend?

  • yes it was ther /images/var

    i think a win xp image was right around 25 gig

  • My understanding of the upload process is that at the very end, the image file is moved via ftp from a temp folder to its final destination. Maybe that process failed. If you look in the images folder on the fog server is the image file there and of the correct size?

  • im php file was to bring up the download button…now i am getting all confused…maybe ill just try a total reinstall!