• Hello,

    I have a little problem with my bandwidth, when uploading a image to my fogserver.
    After 10 seconds intervalls the server to client connection stops for about 3 seconds.
    (see Attached Files)
    Does anyone know a sollution for my annoying problem?

    I am using Fog 0.32 on Ubuntu 11.04 x64 VMWare 5.1
    The Images are located on a 2nd HDD which is mounted on the fogserver.

    If you need more information about the configuration, please let me know!

    Best regards




  • I dont think that the issue will be your network card being shared with other VMs as I have this setup and also a standalone fog storage server on a real platform that does nothing but fog. The storage node behaves the same way when in use. I wonder if its an ubuntu thing? Anyone with fog in use on another distro that would care to comment? Perhaps some of our redhat based friends? CentOS, Fedora etc?

  • the image upload over a gigabitport looks quite similar.
    there are allways the 3 secs delay.



  • [quote=“Matt Harding, post: 11042, member: 1207”]Just out of curiosity Kevin, are you using RAID 5 by any chance?[/quote]


    Thank you for your response.
    Yes, we are using RAID 5. We think that the problem is that we share the NIC of the VM-Server with other virtual servers.
    We will now try to set up a new NIC only for our fogserver, maybe it is the solution for our problem.

  • ok, just so you can see what I get when uploading to the VM 10.04 ubuntu fog server here’s my graph… I’m posting it because its over a gig network and I thought it might be of interest as its very spiky, which further exacerbates the gap issue.



  • I’ve only ever seen this happen on fast Ethernet connections, as soon as Gigabit Ethernet was used there was no dropouts.

  • I have found the same thing on ubuntu 10.04 with fog 0.32 on both virtual platforms and physical hardware. I assumed to be honest that the drop out was to do with buffering into ram perhaps… it would be good if someone who knows the exact reason for it explained it perhaps, and if there’s a solution to the issue that doesnt involve buying high speed 15K disks or something of that nature.

    Just out of curiosity Kevin, are you using RAID 5 by any chance? Both of my fog servers run RAID 5 disk arrays, one running the virtual fog server on top of it sits on a RAID 5 3 disk array, and the other is a dual xeon platform with a 6 disk RAID 5 platform.

    Can anyone post pictures of a graph that doesnt look like this and tell us what the configuration is?