Vista images all missing operating system

  • Hi there spent a lot of today setting up vista images and on tests on 2 laptops missing opweratrimg system error after fogging.

    Resizeable NTFS , syspreped audit, then syspreped generalised using minimal unattended to just sort skip rearm out. All done in virtual box. VHD file format the disk is on. Same with xp and 7 though. Any ideas to fix ta .

  • I’ve been having the same problem, I work in a surplus shop for a major campus and all I have coming through are Vista machines now. I’m going to keep looking for a solution so I can use the Resizeable ntfs option.

    Thank you for stating what you used to fix your problem. I’ll try that until I can find a better option.

  • re fogged as multi partition non re sizeable - re tested worked fine …just need to grow partitions afterwards is all…

  • …just done another test…very quickly during the clean up phase - “cannot mount NTFS…invalid argument”

  • #bump# any ideas - should I try a different image type ? I saw some one say about LBA addressing as the HDD type but dont think thats an option in a VB?