Kernel for Acer Aspire 722

  • Has anyone managed to create a kernel that works on an Acer Aspire 722? The machines image but the video is borked and just shows a snowy screen. I’ve looked into creating my own kernel, but I have zero coding knowledge and no clue as to what I’m doing with it.

    If you have a working kernel , any chance you’d be willing to share…or if anyone knows how to make kernels and is willing to help me out…that’d be awesome too.

  • Kernel-2.6.37.core works for the Acer Aspire 722. You can find it in the Fog kernel downloads.

  • Ok, I’m doing my best at making my own kernel. I have a problem though. How do I actually put new drivers in the kernel? I hae the Kernel Configuration window open and can see all the places where I can customize things, but not add new drivers.

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