• I know I’ve been out of this for a little bit. I check in here or there, but just been extremely busy.

    I don’t want to stop contributing, I just am taking time for myself after my workly duties.

    I have to give a big gratitude and thanks for everyone here trying to help out whether by code, by helping the rest of the community, or documentation.

    @Sebastian-Roth I know you’re busy but you’ve kept the project rolling even with the minimal availability you have. Thank you.
    @george1421 I’m sure you’re busy, but I still see you posting and helping where possible and amenible. Thank you.
    @Wayne-Workman I know you’re helping where you can as well. (Of course I can’t exactly post everybody because I’ve been busy and honestly not keeping up with the forums as much as I probably should.)

    @everyone Thank you. Thank you for still believing in this project. We’re doing the best with what we have. Please understand in we’re lacking, it’s most likely unintentional. I know I’m just busy.