• I’ve just installed .32 on CentOS 6.3. I have not modified the default set location of /images and /images/dev, nor have I modified /etc/exports. I have a .mntcheck file of 0bytes in size in /images and /images/dev. Both of these directories are chown’ed root:root and chmod’ed 777. When attempting a quick image from a client machine I get an error telling me that the NFS mount step has failed. If I use this same client to load debug mode, I am unable to mount the /images NFS share with mount /images. When I attempt to do this I get a permission denied error. If I try the mount again adding -o nolock I can mount the share with no issue. Thinking that there may be an interoperability issue with NFSv4, I have also tried disabling v4 support via /etc/sysconfig/nfs. That made no difference either. I have seen a few posts here by several people with the same issue from years ago. I was hoping that maybe there’s a more recently discovered fix possibly?