• hello all. im still new to fog and have followed all the help guides I could find online, but I still have a few questions

    1. after going to the congif file and entering my MYSQL PW, I tried to load the webpage for fog and its jsut a blank page. not sure what im doing wrong on that end.

    2. We have EFI machines. From what I read, FOG does not work with EFI and isnt going to. Is that still the plan and FOG will never work with EFI?

    thanks for the help and answers.

  • Hello…thanks for your reply

    1. I have it installed on Ubuntu 12.2. Fog Version is .032, I just now went to that page and got problem loading page error.
    2. ok thanks for the heads up. I know we can use clonezilla along side FOG to get the image done, just didn’t want to have to rely on 2 diff programs.
  • Moderator

    1. What distribution and version are you running on? What version of FOG are you using? Do you go to [url]http://fogserver/fog/[/url]
    2. EFI support is based on the partition/disk cloning package used. Right now it’s not supported, but FOG may moved to a different cloning package in the future to be able to support more hardware.