Importing a partclone image, installing FOG service offline

  • I have created a Windows VM under virt-manager/qemu and now I want the easiest/ most direct method to transfer this VM (after running sysprep on it) to my FOG server, which is on a different, isolated network.

    I would imagine the easiest/ most direct method would be to boot something like systemrescuecd on my VM then use partclone to make an image of my VM onto a samba share, running on the same machine as qemu in my case. I should hopefully then be able to copy this image into the correct dir on my FOG server and get it deployed but I haven’t found instructions on exactly how to do this, specifically:

    What partclone command should I use to image a single disk Windows 10 VM? Another thread on here suggests it would be something like:

    partclone.ntfs -fsck-src-part -c -s $part -O $fifoname -N -f 1

    I’m not sure what to use for $fifoname and then the real uncertain bit for me is what to do to get that imported into FOG correctly. I’m hoping it involves little more than registering a machine (without uploading an image) and then copying the partclone files into the correct dir?

    Failing that, I’ll be using clonezilla to image my VM before restoring that onto a physical machine and then importing that into FOG the usual way.

    Also, is it not possible to install the Windows FOG service without being connected to the same network as your FOG server? I tried all 4 of the Windows FOG service installers but they all gave the same error “Unable to install CA Certificate”