• Hey guys,

    We don’t say it very often or perhaps we do but I’d like to thank you very much once again for FOG because it’s so useful! We love it 🙂

    Yesterday, I was cleaning our server because we had a lot of old images and I suddenly realized there was a missing feature which could help us to tidy images up.
    We could create categories and sub categories to classify images. For example, I could create a “Windows 10” folder and inside it another folder named “1903” and another “20H2”
    Then, when I would like to clean old images, I could remove the whole 1903 folder.

    Thanks for thinking about it!

    Best regards from France


  • Yes, this is true, I could do that but it won’t change anything the way the “Image Managament” page looks. I was thinking about the ability to browse through folders and display the content rather than displaying all the images. (I know there is the searching field but it’s not exactly the same)
    We could imagine a tree on the left side of the panel and browse through categories like an explorer if you prefer.

    Well, that was just an idea and the way it works at the moment suits my needs but I thought it could bring a little something.


  • @maxcarpone this can already be done. Per the image path field within the image, define your structure. So you could do win10/1903/imagename or win10/21H2/imagename