DELL Optiplex 3070 - Only Host EFI Exit Type REFIND_EFI works

  • Hello everyone, I need your help.
    I have a few DELL Optiplex 3070 machines that I want to make an image for. The Image is a GPT dual boot Image with Debian 11 and Windows 10 and has a empty partition for another service we use. The machines do not support legacy boot. The machines are all in the inventory, FOG does seem to work as intended.

    This is my problem: After the machines boot from FOG server, they get stuck unless I specify Host EFI Exit Type. By stuck i mean they try to “Boot Local Disk” as no tasks are queued but after trying to connect and run some <address>/something/something/grub.exe they drop back into the FOG menu, try to boot the local disk and so on and so forth. Neither booting GRUB nor Windows Boot Loader works, only the rEFInd boot loader works.
    This isn’t optimal as sometimes we need to boot straight into windows. I couldn’t find out why this doesn’t work, on other computers (Intel NUCs, same image but MBR and legacy boot) this works fine. Any hints on how to resolve this issue? Thank you.