• Been using fog for over a year now with no major hitches. Recently we have been getting pcs to get errors when booting.

    [QUOTE]Missing parameter in configuration file. Keyword: \n[/QUOTE]
    This does not happen on every computer and have seen it happen on pcs that booted up correctly.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • If you want to migrate the images, I would backup the SQL database and copy your /images and /tftpboot folder.

  • One of our new guys thought the production fog server was the test one. Now my predicament is we don’t know the root password. I can log into the server with the fog login and web gui works fine. How can I migrate the images we have on there now?

  • What version of SYSLINUX are you using? The last time i’ve seen this, 4.04 was the stable version of the chain.c32 file that this worked correctly.

  • I am chainloading. I will check the permissions and update post.

  • Reading over another forum, it looks like it could be a permission issue. Do you know what your permissions are to the /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg and the default file are? you could try chmod 644 on the folder and file to see if that helps. Also are you chainloading?

  • Image posted on imagebin as well.



  • Juanm,

    It appears that the picture has a broken link. Can you try uploading the pic again?