USB Boot and point to custom FOG server IP

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    @brakcounty If you have the git fog installer package then you have everything you need to build a custom iPXE boot loader. What you will need to do is replace the build in script with one of your own. We are taking about the the same thing . you just need to adjust the file before you compile it. I’m in the office today so I can touch my fog server. Let me see what exactly needs to be done for this.

  • I’m wondering if this will work, because the script is still calling for tftp which isn’t enabled on my prod network, as stated in the OP.

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    @brakcounty OK I think you have a few things twisted up, but we CAN get to where you want to be.

    How it works today is if you PXE boot the ipxe.efi file is transferred from the FOG server to the target computer into memory and then its booted. (delivery method via pxe or usb the process is the same the file is loaded into memory then executed). Now the FOG iPXE files are special in that they have… kind of a batch file built in that tells iPXE what to do. That script is here: (remember this because you will need it to build your own). That script sets up the network adapter, sends a dhcp request and then finds the fog server via the dhcp request, dhcp option 66. You will notice in the second line from the bottom it chains back to the fog server but this time load default.ipxe (yet another batch file) to do more things on the fog server.

    Now in your custom ipxe boot file you might update the script from this

    chain tftp://${next-server}/default.ipxe 

    to this

    chain tftp:// 

    To point to a specific fog server, ignoring anything provided by the dhcp server.

    The fog installer has the tools needed to build a custom ipxe.efi file. I think Sebastian knows the command off the top of his head (or use rom-o-match). But you will take that custom ipxe.efi with the customized script and load that onto a usb flash drive and boot it from there.

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    @brakcounty There is no official USB boot method but a couple of tutorials exist in the forums. Please post the exact link of the information you read or post detailed steps you used to do this.

    What I mean by different methods is that you can boot GRUB bootloader via USB and chainload into FOG tasks directly as well as booting iPXE from USB and chainload into the FOG boot menu.

    Both are different when it comes to the parameters like NFS share mounting.

    On the other hand I am wondering why you can’t use the IP for NFS mounting and imaging? You seem to have a highly customized setup and you need to provide more information.