Certificate wrong server address

  • After deploying an image - I attempted to push out a snap in which I built and it kept failing authentication saying certificate is not from Fog CA.
    My fog server is at but the ip in the certifcate is - that was also in the json file which I modified to show as 165.

    Why on earth would it show a different ip like that? I checked my DNS records, those are set correctly, same with my DHCP. If I ping fog-server.domain it comes back with 165.
    Not sure where this would get messy but any help would be appreciated.

  • @sebastian-roth
    I was able to figure it out - when I made the vm that I took my image from my fog-server address was different as I installed it many times trying to get it to work.
    The machine I captured the image from had the fog-client pointed to the old server, once I removed the fog-client and reinstalled with the FQDN it did the trick.
    Thank you

  • Senior Developer

    @d2freak82 Please post the full fog-client fog.log file here.

  • once I reimaged again - it’s again trying to pull the certificate from 186, I wonder if that’s due to the image itself?
    Maybe I built the client I pulled the image from and it had my old server name in it? Only thing I can think of, although I’m not sure how

  • we recreated the certificate through the server it now shows the correct ip address inside the certificate, going to reimage the client and see if it takes