• One of the features we are missing after switching from Altiris Deployment Solution is the ability of remote controlling the client. DS 6.9 does it in two ways, via RDP or via Symantec PCAnywhere.

    There could be any sort of controlling the client via VNC java applet embedded in the WebUI.

  • Meraki = Free and Easy

  • YuYo

    if you include tight or tiger VNC in your images, you can modify your PHP code (i do this on the host search and display section) to include a link to popup a new window with address “<computername>:5800” this loads the tight vnc client and you have just RDP’ed to the host.

    google javascript code to open new window and modify the php to make it work.

  • Not a built in feature but we use a program called Bozteck and build UltraVNC client into our images. The program is available here [url]http://www.bozteck.com/vncscan/[/url] Works great even for deployments, file transfers, chat, etc…