• Does anyone have updated instructions on how to install FOG Server in a docker container? The last instructions I can find are from 2015.


    If not, what is the best way to install FOG as a docker container?

  • @b_man I’ve been researching this exact question for the last several days.
    What have I got from that research, nothing but a empty heart, sorry, over exaggeration.
    This thread https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/14999/simplifying-deployment-with-official-virtual-appliance/19 seems to be the status quo of the situation.
    I can’t criticize, after reading through the whole thread, it has opened my eyes as to the “what if’s”.
    For me, a pre built container is a must, as my docker skills have just got off level zero. I also give preference to the container method because of less resource usage and speed of start up and shutdown.
    Also looking at the VM method, but need more info on exposing the VM to the LAN. Not the best choice due to greater resources used and slower start up and shutdown.
    Any way, I’ll keep researching other net booting applications in the meantime, as well.
    So to summarize, I was of no help to you at all… but your not alone.