Lenovo laptop - iPXE unable to configure DHCP

  • Hello,
    we have a new type of laptop that is unable to configure the network on iPXE: The Lenovo ThinkPad L14

    It get’s to this:

    Waiting for link-up on net0: OK
    Configuring (Net0 <the mac here>) … No configuration methods succeeded

    other devices do not have this issue.
    I’ve created a new server and upgraded all of FOG, replaced the ipxe.efi with the included file (1.20.1+), but that did not solve this issue.

  • Senior Developer

    @fimlore I understand that,

    What I meant by the ipxe is different from pxe and fog is:

    PXE has it’s own DHCP mechanism. This then hands off to iPXE which handles DHCP on its own. This then hands off to FOS (FOG Operating System) which handles DHCP on its own.

  • @tom-elliott Thanks for your reply. I will give the snponly a try.
    I wouldnt know where else to ask about iPXE to be honest, as this forum seems to be the most actively using it 🙂 Hence why I hoped other users already had the same experience perhaps

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    @fimlore iPXE is different from PXE which is different from FOG.

    While, typically, ipxe.efi works for most use cases, it’s not a 100% guaranteed thing.

    We have many different ipxe files because of this.

    I would suggest trying to use snponly.efi to see if that lets those machines work. Otherwise, if you know what type of network you have, Realtek and whatnot, there may be specific efi driver files that might work.

  • I can add a static IP, but this info is also not working, I can’t ping the GW or do a DNS lookup.
    the network works, otherwise the initial DHCP response would not service the WDS menu (that loads ipxe.efi)

    this is my DHCP:

    subnet netmask {
    dynamic-bootp-lease-length 14400;
    max-lease-time 14400;
    default-lease-time 14400;
    allow unknown-clients;
    filename “ipxe.efi”;