[SOLVED] Trouble with renaming

  • I’ve made a good start with Fog and have run into a snag. The first set of images were all non-sysprepped but had fogservice included and would execute the renaming task successfully. They were not set to join a domain and no snap-ins selected.

    I built my first Win7 sysprepped image and went through a series of edits and tweaks, mostly to my unattend.xml. Somewhere along the way my test laptop stopped taking the registered name in fog and retained the unattend.xml assigned name.

    I did some searching and found this forum post [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/windows-7-not-renaming-not-joining-to-ad.263/[/url]

    So, I’m not a lone but I’m hoping for another solution. Are there any log files on the server that would provide hints?

    My sequence of events for the image creation is as follows:
    Install windows
    enter audit mode with ctrl+shft+f3
    apply customizations, driver packs, and windows updates
    install fogservice
    place setupcomplete.cmd and unattend.xml in respective locations
    run chkdsk /f 😄
    upload image to fog server with label ‘presysprep’
    boot that image again
    run fogprep
    run sysprep from cli
    upload image to fog server without letting it boot into windows

  • [IMG]http://www.thesharkguys.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Borat_Great_Success.jpg[/IMG]


    My two problems were (well, one really, RTFM):

    1. [URL=‘http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Managing_FOG#Active_Directory_Integration’]Follow this article[/URL] to configure your hostname changer service and then edit the config.ini where you will generate encrypted passwords
    2. Follow [URL=‘http://support.microsoft.com/kb/818091’]M$ KB818091[/URL] to setup the account that will join nodes to AD

  • The renaming bit is working now after clearing up my encrypted password problem as noted in my last post. but still the deployed machines fail to join AD.

    So now i turn to AD to ensure that I’ve crafted the service account correctly that is used to join hosts to AD. I found this article and followed it. I had previously not configured my service account correctly.


    Trying the job again…

  • I went back to the wiki where i learned howto setup the passkey on the hostnamechanger ([url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Managing_FOG#Active_Directory_Integration[/url])

    I forgot that i needed to update the fogcrypt/etc/config.ini to include the new passkey. I just added that in and reproduced the encryped password for my service account which is used to join hosts to AD. Trying it out now…

  • in further testing this morning it seems that my test laptop is only renamed to the registered fog name when i chose not to join it to the domain. If i provide the AD settings the renaming task seemingly does not run nor does the machine join the domain.

    [edit] i wonder if fog is trying to change the hostname and join AD at the same time. when we do this manually windows tells us to do so one at a time with reboots between.