Unable to use Resizeable Single Partition with SSD & Win 7/8

  • I’ve taken a brief departure from Fog, as the Imaging of SSD was a bit flaky I’ve read some of the post about similar issues, but no solutions have really been recommended, other then 0.33. I have since installed 0.33 on a test machine and am playing with SSD imaging.

    Traditionally I have been able to use the “Single Partition (NTFS Only, Resizable)” on Win7/8 images, and it works great. This [B]is[/B] still the case with 0.33B [B]IF[/B] I use standard spinning HDD. But If I do the exact same process for SSD, the image boots to “Missing Operating System”? Is there a reason for this? (I used the same computer, just switched HDD’s)

    The workaround I’ve developed is to use the “Multiple Partition Image (Not Resizeable)” Which works, but I’m changing HDD sizes often and it was nice to have fog auto-partition the entire HDD. Now I have the additional process of having to edit the disk management to reacquire the lost space of bigger HDD’s on every computer. I would love to have the streamlined process before.

    C. Alizee