• Hi,

    this is second time when I’m creating thread and asking here (first time was perfect, got all answers!)

    If I want to clone many machines and after this connect them to the domain with fresh user names and different SSIDs - in my understanding SYSPREP is a must.

    I know original windows syspreperation method (from windows CD/DVD - which was unsuccessful last time for me)

    Also I see: Fog prep and Client service IN -> [url]http://myfogserver/fog/client[/url]

    If I will run fogprep.exe before imaging machine - is it enough to get me a image with no user name and new ssd?

    Thank you so much for all the information!

  • We deployed about 200 Windows 7 desktops last summer with Fog and I’ll share what we did:

    Build one machine as master
    Run sysprep /oobe /generalize
    Fog pulls an image from the master to the Fog server
    We use Multicast to send images out to the other computers.

    When the computers boot, they run the mini setup, ask for computer name, etc.

    One thing is we use KMS licensing so individual computers do not have a license key. Depending on how you license, there may be additional stuff you need to do.

    i am not saying this is the only way, but this worked well for us.