Cannot upload image

  • I am brand new to fog and Linux. I have Ubuntu 12.4 with fog .32 installed on an isolated network. I can communicate from server to host and host to server. I can do a full registration and inventory from host. Everything appears to be working fine until I try to upload an image, then I get “Unable to start task. Unable to connect to tftp server.” Used default options during setup. I have tried Dell Optiplex 755, Dell Latitude 2100 and Daktech Plaidmate units. Same results on all. would welcome any help that is in basic terms.

  • What kernel are you using in fog? I found that I could not use the 3.6.9 core kernel with some of our machines including the Optiplex 755s. I have the 3.3.3 core as a secondary that I have to manually configure for and of the problem systems.

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