Fully automated UEFI-based O/S installation (Debian 10)

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    @robpomeroy Well I’m not sure how much direction I can provide but I have instructions on pxe booting into Debian 10.7 live here: https://forums.fogproject.org/post/140524

    I do need to create one for the dbi command line installer, but it should be fairly similar to your setup except you don’t need to use grub at all can be done with iPXE. The key for the dbi installer is to pass the URL parameter to point to the preseed file.

    If I were to rewrite your grub.cfg file over into ipxe format then (caveat is that I have not tested this, so its just a best guess as a proof of concept)

    kernel tftp://${fog-ip}/os/debian/Server10.7/linux
    initrd tftp://${fog-ip}/os/debian/Server10.7/initrd.gz
    imgargs linux auto=true url=http://${fog-ip}/os/autoinstall/debian-10/preseed.cfg hostname=debian-10 domain=local interface=auto vga=788 noprompt --- quiet
    boot || goto MENU

  • PS This is obviously a network install, depending on some files being placed on the FOG server. The installer downloads packages from the internet, so this is no use for air-gapped machines.