• I know that right now in the API Token dialog you can generate a new token but not set the value to something you want. This is a little problematic for me because i’ve needed to burn an API token into a WindowsPE image that is a little cumbersome to rebuild. Simultaniously, I’ve needed to rebuild the FOG server from scratch in order to migrate the server effectively.

    What i’d like to know is this: is there somewhere where I can manually edit a config file and copy/paste the old API token into the new server, so that I don’t need to update the various scripts and other things that rely on the old token ?

  • Senior Developer

    @alesser Not really unfortunately.

    The token you see on the screen is stored in the fogserver in a different mechanism. What you see is an encrypted string compared to what is actually stored in the FOG Server.

    If you have the original “plain text” value, it should work (even if you don’t see the same key) as it’s still referencing the same “plain text” value.

  • P.S. i’m willing to hack into the MySQL database and change values, if necessary 🙂 !