Turn VM on and off from FOG server

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m using virtualbox 6.0.14. I created an internal network with a ubuntu 18:04 machine where FOG server run. I also added a new host where I deployed an ubuntu image. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand if it is possible to turn on/off the host directly from FOG dashboard. To try, I created a debug task but I need to switch on the machine to get in the control panel of debug mode and execute command. could anyone help me, please?

    If it’s possible, are there any APIs to do that? I need to implement my custom software to turn on/off VM.


  • Yes! I solved moving to physical machine rather than using VBox, thanks for your help Eduardo.

  • @davide1611

    Ok, What do you want, start and stop VMs from a custom software?

  • Or maybe stop to use VBox?

  • @EduardoTSeoane It doesn’t work, probably because I’m using windows10 and it’s not supported. Nevertheless, my focus is another. I need to control remotely the VM and turn on/off them using a particular software created by me. My goal is to find a way to turn on/off VM using some kind of APIs.
    I’m quite struggling to find a way to interface my software. Especially if it’s not possible through FOG… I think that should be a way

  • @davide1611

    I think that VBox dont support on/off virtual machines in other way than VBox API, Manually or via console tools… But i found on google this post

    Tell if it work plz

  • @EduardoTSeoane Thanks.
    I also found Wake-up task but when I launch it nothing happen. I think that I should see that the VM turn on from the VBox panel, do I?
    Probably something goes wrong, What can I do to check where is the error?
    Sorry but I’m quite inexperienced

  • I do that on physical machines with wol capabilities (turn on) and snapins (turn off).
    To wake:
    I use 3 options:
    1 snapin that do nothing on the script, and mark wake on lan when you launch it.
    2 WOL Task.
    3 Hardware Inventory WOL checked.
    To shutdown system:
    I launch an snapin that do nothing with shutdown checked.

    I don’t remember if VBox VM’s support WOL, i think no.

    As alternative on my virtual servers hosts i have enabled ssh to connect an manualy turn on/off the virtual systems.
    Alternatively you can install FOGService on your hosts (are linux based?) on the host and create snapins to turn on/off the virtual machines (Not recommended).

    Alternatively if the host are windows it’s possible to do it with powershell remoting, i have it implemented on my nodes to execute some powershell scripts over the network.

    Alternatively, you can take a look at the hot picks Hyperbox and phpVirtualBox links on
    [https://www.virtualbox.org/](link url)