Fog Question about Queuing

  • Currently our Fog server is setup to Bypass Host Registering. We power on a laptop, boot off the thumb drive, it gives us a menu and we choose “Auto Image” which is our custom image. Works great. I have a couple problems though. Imaging more than 5 laptops at a time and it just starts crawling. Multicast will do 15 laptops 12%=1 hour. I realize we have a bottle-neck for multicast. Anyway, the question is this:

    How do I enable queuing for hosts that are not registered? We dont need our computers registered with Fog because we have that automated somewhere else. We just need to slap an image on the laptops as fast as possible. This would work if I could boot 50 laptops and run 5 at a time and they would Queue on their own.

    Is there a mod or patch that would allow this? I have messed with the Storage Node Max Clients and FOG-QUEUESIZE under Other Fog Settings. No luck. When you power on an additional laptop, it just slows everything down until it’s un-usuable.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    EDIT: Queueing DOES work, if I register each laptop. However, it takes too much time.

  • OR! Is it possible to do a quick host register and then auto-image the laptop? Without any input on the server?

    From [url][/url]

    “After each registration the computer will automatically image and the [B]FOG_QUICKREG_SYS_NUMBER[/B] will incremented by 1.”

  • 1 computer at a time takes about 4-5 minutes (EDIT: the image is about 23 gigs). Pretty quick. However, when adding more than 5 at the same time, it slows down. 5 at a time is fine IF I could queue them up.

    Currently, we only use fog to build the images (and join the domain etc etc) we don’t use fog to “manage” the machines. We dont register the hosts (except to build an image). We just put them on the bench, boot off the fog thumbdrive, and point it to the latest image using the Registration Bypass patch/code.

    Basically, we are using Fog to slap an image on a laptop. It’s already configured, prepped and ready to go.

    I can see where registering each laptop would be beneficial if we used fog to manage imaging across the campus. But we dont have a need for that (yet.)

    Everything is gigabit.

  • Let me see if I understand the question. That you want to do is when a first image finishes, start another one without use fog web management, but you want to do it automatically.
    First question:
    Do you have Gigabit network card over the TFTP, FTP and Client computers?
    Second question:
    How long it takes to implement an image only one computer at a time?