• I have couple of HP 8300 and I mange to upload the Image to the server but as soon as I try to deploy it on the screen it come up as Task completed but does not deploy the image.

    Need help!!!

  • Ok, here are some additional hints, how I proceeded:

    1. First of all, make an (local) image of the whole disk - i.e. with CloneZilla - so that you can recover the original partitions every time. This image takes about 18 GB.

    2. After that install Windows 7 as provided.

    3. In “Computer Management” -> “Disk Management” delete Partition “HP_RECOVERY”

    4. Reboot the Computer

    5. Now you need to delete the small recovery partition (101 MB). It’s not possible with “Disk Management”, so

    6. open a “Command Prompt” window ( -> Start -> Accessories), you need to run it as administrator.
      Here you can enter the command “diskpart” (see “diskpart> help” for options) to localize the partition you want to delete. Normally it’s disk “0”, so you have to “select disk 0”. Subsequently enter “list partition” for the selected disk and for HP8300 you will see Partition 3 (Recovery) to delete.

    7. Now “Select partition 3”

    Deleting by “delete partition” will not work as long as you don’t use: “[COLOR=#339966]delete partition override[/COLOR]”.

    1. Check with “list partition” and enter “exit”

    2. Reboot your system and check whether it works and you deleted the proper partition.

    3. After your HP8300 started Windows 7 normally you should be able to upload your image in a way to deploy it later and in FOG you can even select “Single Partition (NTFS Only, Resizable)” now.

    Hope this helps.
    Greetings from Bonn, Germany.

  • Thanks a lot of reply.

    I will try to delete the Recovery partition and try to upload the image.

  • The HP 8300 has additional HP partitions, that make it necessary to save the image as “multiple partitions on a single disk”, as long as you want to save the delivery basic installation. Otherwise there is no chance to deploy, but the image can take more than an hour and about 160GB.
    Another possibility is to delete the recovery partitions after installing Windows 7 and you may even save and deploy Windows 8 (image size about 10 GB, time for deploy about 10 minutes in gigabit network).

    I have several machines of this type and this works well, although I had a lot of problems with HP 8300 first.