Unable to connect FTP server at end of image creation

  • Hi all,

    I made a fresh fog 0.32 install on a fresh CentOS 6.3.
    After several problems, i’m now able to create a task to create an image to be uploaded.

    At the end of the process, the client displays a repetitive message telling that the connection to the FTP server failed… I have to reboot the machine to stop this message to be displayed… (CTRL-C didn’t help)

    BUT, in the /images/dev directory there is a new dir with a strange name d4bec… (etc) which contains several files which seem to be the partition images.

    I can connect to the FTP server using the fog account and with an ftp client.

    What’s wrong ?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Ooops !

    My problem is solved… It was a password problem.
    Before my post, just to be sure, i resetted all passwords :

    • fog linux account
    • vsftp fog account
    • fog settings (other information folder)

    But i forgot to reset the one on “storage management”.
    Maybe this can help others too !

    Now, all seems to work just fine.

    Sorry for bandwith…