Fog installation and cofiguration on ubuntu 18.04 / 19.04 No DHCP Option

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    @chasosnature if this is a fresh install, where is the image to deploy to the machine in the first place?

    FOG isn’t a magic thing. It’s a management system that enables easy capability to manage your machines and software layout to those machines. We don’t have base images for your machines, you have to create them before you can image them.

    You may want to look at the wiki about how to use fog, how to create your first image, and how things work.

    As such, when reading things on the forums, remember your mileage may very. Just because one person has one issue, doesn’t mean all people will have the same issue.

    We do have some bugs that affect multiple people but we are typically really responsive with asking questions and fixing said issues.

  • @Tom-Elliott said in Fog installation and cofiguration on ubuntu 18.04:

    debug task

    There is a syntax your advices another user to enter in the fog settings, i cant remeber what it is now…i enetered that syntax only after it failed with the screenshots i provided.

    what do you mean by creating a task?

    i thought you just install the Fog , pxe the machine, you get the screen, do a quick registration and then image the client.

    what am i missing?

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    @chasosnature what type of task was selected when you got the Type :: Null error? This typically means you created a debug task which makes it when you run the command fog, the error will be present. This is because there is no task type associated with the debug specific task.

  • @Sebastian-Roth

    as we speak i am following Quazz advice and installing 1.5.7 (i imagined it makes more sense as most of these issues have probably been addressed in the later versions)

    i use the -X switch bcos of the experience i have had with FOG installation failing (even on fresh ubuntu 18.04 build) on some packages.
    i usuallly will go back and re-install the failed packages and it works for me like that.

    i currently have this failure:
    Installing package: mariadb-client…Failed! (Will try later)

    i am giving you live updates :)

    many thanks for your quick response by the way…keep up the good work…

  • @Sebastian-Roth

    here are the screenshots requested

    From forum:

    fog error forum.png

    My Error
    fog error 1.png

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    @chasosnature said in Fog installation and cofiguration on ubuntu 18.04:

    i have read in forums where they complained that 1.5 causes them issues, this is why i am hesitating .

    Can you please post where you read about this?

    fog error creating epoll fd

    Not an error, can be ignored.

    running post init script … /imageinit/dev/postinitscripts/fog.postinit: line 10: /images/dev/postinitscripts$: no such file or directory

    Please take a picture of the exact error and post here!

  • @Quazz

    do i need to have post scripts?
    did it work out of the box for you?

  • thank you for your quick response…amazed.


    i have read in forums where they complained that 1.5 causes them issues, this is why i am hesitating .
    what is the easiest way to upgrade if you dont mind me asking.

    i plan to run: sudo mv /opt/fog/.fogsettings /opt/fog/fogsettings-firstInstall

    download the package (fog 1.5)
    and run it again.

    or is it doable from the management portal?

    many thanks in advance.

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    The advice is to install FOG 1.5.7 instead of 1.4.4

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