• I am a new FOG user that ran into a weird issue on a set of new machines I was getting ready to image.

    I have FOG .32 set up on an Ubuntu 11.04 VM. I set up FOG on it’s own private network and any machine I point to via IP can hit the home & admin pages OK.

    I am able to get all 3 machines (including my older D630s) to load via NIC PXE loader but when it comes time to do the a system summary/image my D630 runs fine, but the new machines (E6530, E6430, O7010) get all types of errors from kernel panic to trying to resolve hardware spec and sometimes an error comes up saying it can’t determine CPU.

    I have a lot of “guesses” but at this point they are just that:

    1. 64 Bit/newer machines
    2. Dell’s 3 partition system
    3. I’ve noted a lot of DHCP errors that other uses have experienced, but can’t see why I only get this issue on my newer machines
    4. Edit There is also the option that I can try and update kernel. I assumed with latest package the latest kernel would be included but I’ll try and install latest kernel first.

    Other than that is there anything I should try?

    Edit #2
    As I delve deeper I found that maybe [FONT=sans-serif][COLOR=#000000] KS will work for me according to:[/COLOR][/FONT]

    Will report back if it does the trick.

  • We have no problem with 3.6.9 and imaging the 7010’s.

  • Did [FONT=sans-serif][COLOR=#000000] KS allow you to image the 7010’s?[/COLOR][/FONT]

  • This post is deleted!