• Hello all,

    I have been using FOG now where i work and we are running into a usage problem in the fact that multicast is a crap shoot and we have about ~600 machines to image in a two week time frame before the begining of each semister. We have started to run over each other in the queue department and we really needed more queue space. So we set up a Storage Node on a seperate box.

    Our config is as follows:

    Storage Group ‘default’ has storage node ‘Default’ on the main FOG server and set to Master

    “New” Storage Group ‘Classrooms’ has storage node ‘Classroom Storage’ on the Storage Node and not Master

    We basically want 10 queue spots for the ‘Campus’ and 10 queue spots for ‘Classrooms’ with one storage node for ‘Campus’ and one storage node for ‘Classrooms’.

    We then copied just the classrooms images from the ‘Default’ storage node loation to the ‘Classroom Storage’ /images folder on the new Storage Node box.

    Now, all that worked correctly as the classrooms pulled from the new Storage Node and the rest of the campus pulled from the Default node. 10 queue spots for ‘Default’ group and 10 queue spots for the ‘Classroom’ group.

    The problem arose however when attempting to upload a client into the new Storage Node to update the image on it. When i try to queue the task i get “Create task failed. Unable to located master node from storage group”.

    So my question is this. Do you have to have a ‘Master’ node selected per Storage group or per complete FOG install? I’m just confused as i can’t seem to find a clear answer on the fog wiki/fourms with a setup like mine. I don’t want the two storage nodes to replicate because the ‘Default’ node/group has 3.8Tb and the ‘Classroom’ node/group only has about 200Gb of storage space.

    I’m hoping i just have to check the master box for the ‘Classroom’ storage node and that will fix my problem but i figure i would throw it out here before i break something or end of replicating something and wiping our images out.

    Thanks in advance!


  • I’m trying to complete a similar task. I enabled the checkbox for the “Is Master Node” for my second storage node, which is in a second storage group. After doing so, both the default storage node and my new storage node are the Master Node in each storage group.

    However, after doing this, I’m still receiving the same “Create task failed. Unable to located master node from storage group” error message you are receiving when trying to clone a computer to create an image on the new storage node.

    Our new storage node is located on a NETGEAR ReadyNAS. I’m not 100% certain I have it configured correctly though, as I’m only my second day in with using FOG.

    I believe that answers your question, but it’s not really a solution…unless your new storage is configured correctly and mine is not.

    Let us know how it turns out for you.