Fog 0.32 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

  • I am working on making this step by step bigger and better but this is what i have for now. if you have any suggestions or you would like to add something please post it here. I needed to make this guide start at a very basic level so if you wait a little longer i make more in more advanced topics.

    If there are spelling or grammar errors please forgive me. 25 pages is a lot to type in 1 day

    these pdf documents cover:
    Installing and Configuring a Fog Server
    Basic information about hosts and groups
    Making Tasks
    Uni-cast and Multi-cast
    Advanced Preparing of the Windows Image

    note: this is not the final version. and this is made for a classromm step by step.
    note: it had to be split into multiple PDF document because the file size was to big
    note: I will update the Ubuntu pictures tomorrow. when i first made the step by step i did it with 10.4.4 LTS but i virtualized the fog server and decided to do it with 12.4 LTS. same steps just different pics


  • [quote=“Paul Trevathan, post: 9845, member: 3006”]Hi Brian,
    This is looking good, just to confirm is this on a windows 2012 server x64 running VMware of Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.1 x64.

    I tested everything on 2008 R2 x64 running Hyper-V and once that all worked i migrated everything over to real machines. the server 2008 R2 was a in use as a DHCP server/WDS/… and the fog machine was put on a T110 II server with 14 gigs of ram

  • yup i know how you feel. no worries and have a good Christmas.

  • Brian just to let you know, I’m all good now, solved my issue… it was a very silly and embarassing thing to do but I used the wrong distro/unattended combo. Used a 64bit windows and did a 32bit unattend.xml!

    Anyhow, all is good now. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on here, work has me doing all kinds of crazy projects in the run up to Christmas.

  • Hi Brian,
    This is looking good, just to confirm is this on a windows 2012 server x64 running VMware of Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.1 x64.

  • i can’t see your xml. can you pm it to me?

  • Here’s what I get…



  • you can make whatever accounts you want but if you leave none you won’t be able to log on. try doing the sysprep though the the ui. just type sysprep.exe

    if that doesn’t work post you unattend file because something is wrong in it


  • Its the bit with Windows System Image Manager I’m struggling with. sysprep doesnt seem to want to work after I make my unattend.xml file. I followed the instructions in part 2 of your guide and it just wouldnt work for me. I did wonder, when you are filling in password details in the file, do you need to have set the same password in windows for the Administrator account? Do I need to have pre-enabled the account too? It might sound daft if you’re used to doing it but I dont know if the actual sysprepping of the machine enables the account or if that information is just there to make sure it stays enabled during the build process later.

  • This post is deleted!

  • sysprep remove all your user data the specific drivers and makes that machine like you just bought it from the factory. as for a guide I on’t know a good one. I’ve just had to do it myself. if you want I might have another step by step on syspreping and all that other stuff. if you want to know the syntax of sysprep type sysprep.exe /?

  • I’ve been trying to follow the part of the guide that shows the sysprep procedure but it’s somewhat incomplete from what I can make out. Do you have a template that I could alter thats more or less ready made or a reference website that I could use to educate myself on the procedure a bit better? I have everything working, have been using fog for ages now, half a year or something like that. I just cant quite get the sysprep bit to work.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.