Slow image upload - /hung_task_timeout

  • Hey all,

    I’ve been having a heck of a time trying to figure out why I’m getting the attached error. I haven’t changed anything with my set up and all of a sudden, the upload is slowing to a crawl and I’m getting a “hung_task_timeout” error message.

    The hard FOG server has plenty of space (~125GB free) and no issues on the network that I can see. I should note I’m doing this through a VM but it’s worked like a charm before with images uploading in less than 3 minutes.

    Yesterday, I did change the multicast addresses as my multicast wasn’t working. Could this be an issue? I’m on an 8 port gig switch so I don’t think it’s network related.

    I’m going to try deploying an image now to see if there are problems on that end.

    – edit:

    so I started a multicast and it went fine without any hiccups. I even unregistered the host machine with the issue uploading, re-registered but still see the same problem. I’m kinda stumped here, not sure what I can check to see why I’m having this problem.

    – 2nd edit:

    I pushed an image from a freshly imaged machine and that did the same thing, started freezing up around 2%. Why would it be able to deploy just fine but have issues uploading?


  • Well, I went ahead and moved my server to another machine. Reinstalled with ubuntu 12.04, started clean and it looks like everything’s working again.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find the root of the problem but it appears I’m back up and running.

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