fog.deploy image option in PXE boot not resizing disk

  • @george1421

    Strange that every other path to imaging seems to work fine for me. Oh well it’s not a huge issue since I don’t image hundreds of machines at a time. But in IT a minute saved is a minute I can use to catch-up on my mountain of tasks! :P

    For now I’ll stick to register host -> assign image -> assign task as that’s worked fine for several dozens of machines so far.

    I’ll post the d1 info as soon as I can. Thanks everyone!

  • Senior Developer

    @androsszit George is right there, it might be solved with 1.5.7. You might also want to post the partition layout information from your image here so we can have a look as well. Post the contents of the text files d1.partitions, d1.minimum.partitions and d1.fixed_size_partitions.

  • Moderator

    There is nothing you can add/remove from boot parameters to make the disk expand or not. I know there was some issues with 1.5.6 where under certain conditions they disk would not expand correctly. FOG 1.5.7 was suppose to be released any day to address that issue.

    @Developers any idea when 1.5.7 is going to be release?