Upload/Deploy Rapido - FAST upload/deploy

  • Gostaria de saber se há alguma configuração para fazer o upload e deploy mais rapido.

    I wonder if there is some setting to upload and deploy faster. (google translate)

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    Fiz um outro upload. Esse foi bem mais rapido, pq tinha menos programas instalados na imagem. Acredito que a demora seja por causa disso mesmo. Obrigado pelo auxilio.

    I made another upload. This well was faster because he had less programs installed on the image. I think the delay is because of this. Thanks for the help.

  • What size do the images end up being? That image type create an image per partition, the below command will tell you what size the partitions are on the fog server, which should give you a better idea of how much data is transfered when the image is uploaded.

    [CODE]dir -sh /images//.img[/CODE]

    Does your image contain about 120 GB of data, and programs combined between the two OS’s ?

  • Single disk with multiple partitions.

    eu acho que esse seria o certo ja que tenho dois sistemas no HD.

    I think this would be right since we have two systems in HD.

  • What image type are you using for the image? Raw? Multiple Partitions Single Disk?

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    Olá, estou com velocidades boas (eu acho) 1gb/min. Mas eu to achando que ele está copiando coisas demais. Fiz um upload de um HD
    e ele demorou mais de 2 horas. O HD tem 500gb e alguns programas instalados. (Windows 7 e Ubuntu em dualboot). Estou perguntando pq através do ACRONIS a criação da imagem é bem mais rapida. Valeu.

    Hello, I have good speed (I think) 1gb/min. But I’m thinking that it is copying too much. I did upload a HD and it took over 2 hours. The HD has 500gb and some installed programs. (Windows 7 and Ubuntu in dualboot). I’m asking cuz ACRONIS through the imaging is much faster. Thanks.

  • Hi Jonathan, as far as i am aware there is no settings you can set to deploy and upload faster. Could you tell us a bit more about the speeds you are getting? What network do you sit on? 100 mbit or 1 gigabit?