• This may be a simple one for you, but not me - I have a virtual FOG server setup and connected to domain now. I want to point my images directory to a shared folder on a local NAS unit. I can browse the network on the FOG server to the shared folder I have the images in (located on a NAS). In the browsed folder (from within the FOG server), If I right click-Properties, it shows the location as : [B]smb://ernas03/d$/images/[/B]. Its at this path (on different partition) [B]\ERNAS03\D$\images [/B]if I use Windows.

    A user recommended this link: [url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Change_NFS_location[/url]

    However, I do not know how to input that exact path the ‘linux way’. Can someone help me?

    I thought I could just add a Storage node, but it must not like what I have inputed for it.


  • Even if the NAS can use NFS it’s still a little hokey because of the FTP issue discussed in the [URL=‘http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/FOGUserGuide’]Wiki[/URL], “[B]KNOWN ISSUE[/B] You will get an error “Ftp connection to storage server has failed” at the end of uploading images though. You will have to manually rename and move the file from the dev directory to the directory below.”

    I ended up getting around the issues by using VMware. I installed centos6 and FOG in a VM. I iSCSI attached my NAS to VMware and added another disk to the VM using the iSCSI as the source. I then mounted the new disk under /images.

    It would be nice if in .33 the whole FTP thing went away since the client already has NFS access to the FOG server. It would be nicer to just have the clients pull directly from the NAS instead of routing the traffic through the FOG server. hint hint

  • Your SAN looks to be configured for Server Message Block, SMB/CIFS is not the same as NFS. As far as i know FOG cannot use SMB/CIFS for it’s storage nodes.

    You could [URL=‘http://askubuntu.com/questions/157128/proper-fstab-entry-to-mount-a-samba-share-on-boot’]mount the SAN on your FOG server[/URL], but this could decrease network performance, as the image would go from the SAN to the FOG server then to the Client PC.

    Could your SAN be configured to use NFS?