Error creating tasks .... internal service error

  • I can successfully perform a full or quick host registration and inventory from the pxe menu.

    In the management interface i can see the hosts i have added to fog, but when i try to create a task it fails.

    note: i am trying to create an upload image task.

    I can get to the confirm task screen (after selecting the type of task i want to run/create). When i click on the ‘upload image’ button the page reloads, but only displays about half of the output/page (see second screenshot).

    The 1st screenshot is the confirm task page; the last point in the task creation process which works.

    I monitored the loading of the page using the dev console in google chrome, which says that i get the following error for the index.php file:

    “response”: {
    “status”: 500,
    “statusText”: “Internal Server Error”,

    Furthermore no tasks are created in the database and no files are created in the pxelinux.cfg directory on the tftp server (http/fog, mysql and tftp servers are all on the same machine).

    I can write to the database, because i can add hosts to the system and i have checked the the pxelinux.cfg directory has the correct owner and permissions.

    What’s doing on???
    Someone please help!!!

    Screenshot from 2012-11-01 14:55:03.pngScreenshot from 2012-11-01 14:55:51.pngupload image - task creation problem.txt

  • Ok so the issue seems to stem from two things, incorrect php/mysql version or a &$tmp flag in part of the includes scripts for FOG itself. | sh

    [QUOTE]So you should be able to search the /var/www/fog/management/includes/tasks.confirm.include.php for all instances of “&$tmp” and replace them with just “$tmp” [/QUOTE]

    Everything is now imaging again and working the way it should :D

  • Ok I have the same problem…

    I followed instructions from here, deleted all the “&” out of the &$tmp flags, but still no luck :(

    Running Centos 5.5, just had to upgrade to Fog 0.32 (due to new Dell machines and their fancy unsupported BIOS), and PHP is version 5.1.6.

    Not sure where to go from here, perhaps a PHP upgrade? Dunno…


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