Ubuntu Server 12.10 FOG 0.32 Upload Image

  • I do not work on Linux boxes frequently, so please be gentle. I installed Ubuntu Server 12.10 on an HP G6 server that was recently available (targeted for this project since it has 8TB of drive space). Server install went great. Forgot there’s no GUI so I installed the desktop. Copied over the fog_0.32 file, unpacked, installed from Terminal per instructions. Tested and failed. Realized I had set a MySQL PW so I figured out how to modify the config.php files and added the PW, success! Found another device on my network was broadcasting PXE so I shut the service off and am now able to PXE boot a Dell Opti 755 XP machine to the FOG menu. Asked it to register and it did. I have created a Test1 image, Mulitpart single disk, and assigned it to the host. Now here is where I am having an issue. From the FOG management menu I go to the host and ask it to upload. The FOG management screen switches over to a blank Task Management screen. I reboot the machine (which I have changed the BIOS to PXE boot first) and it boots to the FOG splash screen then takes the default option of booting from the drive. Am I missing a step someplace? I rebooted the FOG server already. I watched the uploading video and although it’s for v25 it looks like I am following the steps. Any advice would be appreciated. I am in a multiple subnet environment, but the fog server and desktop are on the same subnet.

  • Thank you for the advice. These are 755’s with the ATI cards. Since the images taken should contain the drivers for the cards I am not overly concerned about making it work with them installed, but I may take a look at finding a kernel just for the experience. I have not taken any images, so now would be the best time to make any tweaks.

    Have a great week and thank you again for the reply.

  • I would also recommend trying a different Kernel if this occurs on all the machines of that type, With Optiplex 755’s i’ve been testing on, the machine will freeze on a screen of garbled lines with the stock kernel due to an addon ATI Radeon card the kernel did not support. Upon using a different kernel(kitchensink fixed my video but broke multicast in 2.6.x, kitchensink of 3.6 fixed both for me, as did a core of 3.6 with the correct option removed - I believe it was Direct Rendering Manager being removed fixed my video issue)

    Search for a custom kernel on the forum, or download one from the fog UI, or create your own using:
    as a guide, but i’d recommend downloading and compiling a different version of the kernel from kernel.org.

  • UPDATE - found that installed graphics card was causing the issue. Removed the card and ran from the on-board video and now I can see the operations and continue my testing of this product as a viable solution for our company.

  • UPDATE - installed v10 as suggested and now I can get the task to come up, but I am having an issue now on the host side. When I PXE boot and it tries to run any FOG task it hangs at code “uvesafb: vbe_init() failed with -22” then a bit later it pops over to a screen with a bunch of garbled lines and I cannot see if it’s actually doing anything. It did get past this on a “Quick registration” but after setting the task to take the image it still just sits on this lined out screen and the task just says “Queued”. The systems I am working on have graphics cards installed, curious if I should remove and try off the on-board video?

  • Thanks for the find. I tried searching on 12.10 but my forums earch skills are a bit rusty. So what we’re basically saying is that FOG is not supported in Ubuntu Server 12.10 and my best course of action is to change the OS back to a known good distro. Since FOG was the only purpose of the server I can certainly do that. I see a lot of people running it from the Desktop version of Ubuntu. Is there a pro or con for running it from the Desktop version? Again, sorry for my lack of Linux distro knowledge.