dhcp issue - Lenovo E73 - Realtek RTL8111GN

  • Here is screen shot of error i am getting. It is only happening to Lenovo E73 model desktops.


  • Latest one.

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    @pdit What version of fog are you using?

  • i have isolated network setup. using dumb switch and only fog server and target computer is connected.
    it is strange that i works in one desktop but not in other.

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    Well there’s two reasons that come to mind.

    1. You have spanning tree enabled on the network port but you are not using one of the fast spanning tree protocols like RSTP. The test for this is to place a dumb (unmanaged) switch between the pxe booting computer and the building network switch. If it boots and images correctly with the unmanaged switch in between then its a spanning tree network issue.
    2. Since its getting into the fog iPXE menu but failing when FOS starts its possible that FOS doesn’t have the network driver built in. I kind of doubt it, but its possible. FOS is the Fog Operating System (customized version of linux) that runs on the target computer to capture and deploy images.

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